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Pelican NoiseWorks Pelitaur

  • A wolf in sheep's clothing... A sleeper... All is not what it appears to be!

    The Pelitaur from Pelican NoiseWorks is not another Klon clone. It is not even close to being a transparent overdrive. It is a highly versatile, powerful, unique fuzz.

    In fact, it is two fuzzes, a snarling, spitting, searing, velcro fuzz combined with a wild, woolly, weighty, muff fuzz. The GAIN knob is used to blend these two circuits. The TREBLE knob is actually a pair of tone controls wired in opposite directions. So, it simultaneously cuts the highs on one fuzz and restores the highs on the other fuzz.

    Within just a few minutes of my first flight with the Pelitaur, I was dialing in a number of inspiring tones. It is factory o' fuzz that isn't finicky. I liked it so much, it was immediately added to sizable collection of fuzzboxes.

    It operates with a power supply that is 9 volts DC and can produce 3 milliamps of current. The jack accepts a standard 2.1mm barrel connector with negative ground like the BOSS PSA power adapter. Please note the Pelitaur cannot run on batteries and a power supply is not included.

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