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BC Audio Amplifier No. 7

  • Tweed tones, solid construction, and portability make BC Audio's Amplifier No. 7 an awesome rig. Distortion Brothers is proud to share these incredible amps being made by Bruce Clement right here in San Francisco.

    At its core, Amplifier No. 7 couples Tweed tone with octal 6SL7 preamp tubes for bold distortion. Amplifier No. 7 is made further tunable with a presence control.

    To build the Amplifier No. 7, Bruce uses true point-to-point wiring and the best components available, including a American-made paper bobbin/paper layer wound transformer.

    Available for sale here is the Amplifier No. 7 head. Matching speaker cabinets are also available.

    Covering Repurposed .50 Caliber Ammo Can
    Output Power 15 watts
    Channels 1 Channel
    Controls Normal Volume, Bright Volume, & Presence
    Effects None
    Rectifier Tube 1 x 5Y3GT
    Preamp Tubes 2 x 6SL7GT
    Power Tubes 2 x 6V6GT
    Speaker Load 8k/16k ohms
    Measurements 6" H x 12" W x 7.5" D & 16 lbs.

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