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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop?
The shop is currently an Internet retailer based in Montara, California. The plan for Distortion Brothers does include a brick-and-mortar storefront in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When can I try out the guitars, amps, and effects Distortion Brothers stocks?
Through a partnership with a local studio, we offer appointments for you to audition any gear in stock. Additionally, Distortion Brothers exhibits our goods at sponsored events like concerts, open mic nights, and guitar shows. Please contact us to arrange an appointment and check out the events section of our home page for upcoming appearances.

Who are the Distortion Brothers?
My name is Mickey and, with the tireless support of my wife, Loree, I own and operate Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop. The Distortion Brothers name is meant to honor those that provided inspiration, advice, and support to the establishment of the shop, which includes my close friend and Distortion Brothers co-founder, John. The Distortion Brothers moniker is also intended, with deep gratitude, to include our customers, who join us in making loud, energetic, music.

We are grateful for the Distortion Sisters who are part of our family. The shop’s name is not meant to be exclusionary. Anyone who has a passion for making loud music is welcome to this community.

Do It Yourself

Growing up in Los Angeles during the inception of Hardcore Punk, I came to understand and respect the struggle, freedom, and integrity of the DIY ethic. Fueled by anger of there not being a decent guitar shop in the Bay Area, I realized that I now had the experience and knowledge to undertake each step needed to turn my passion for an independent guitar shop in to reality. This is not to say that the DIY ethic is a solo endeavor or that my realization was driven by ego.

This independent guitar shop and I have benefitted greatly from mentors, partners, suppliers, friends, family, and, now, customers. As the shop’s name is meant to reflect, I respect and appreciate each of them for this essential support. Remaining true to this community and the DIY ethos ensures Distortion Brothers is not now nor will not ever be indebted to outsiders or corporations.

Handpicked Products

Distortion Brothers seeks to showcase and make available the amazing craftsmanship of the independent electric guitar, amplifier, and effects builder. Naturally, we are drawn to small manufacturers because of a shared DIY approach. More importantly, it is our strong belief that small builders are crafting superior instruments to their corporate counterparts.

Distortion Brothers searches for builders that maintain high standards, use quality materials, as well as employ expert knowledge and techniques. The instruments that we select must address guitarists’ needs with designs that understand and appreciate the best examples of the past and improve upon them with modern innovations. We are only finding these exceptional instruments being made by small builders.

Guiding Principles

We have only just begun implementing the plan for Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop. This plan spans years and remains consistent with our founding principles. Here is what you can expect to see from Distortion Brothers and what you can hold us accountable to:

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