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Teye Guitars

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Teye is a Dutch guitarist that, prior to producing his own line of electric guitars, was best known for his Flamenco guitar work with the Joe Ely band in the late 90’s. His formative years included classical guitar study at the conservatory in Groningen (Netherlands). It was while hitch hiking in Spain he discovered a passion for Flamenco guitar playing and from that point focused his studies within that style throughout various parts of the world including Andalusia, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Teye brings a strong and lengthy history as a professional player in a number of musical genres to his guitar building perspective. Now, based near Austin Texas, he produces a uniquely identifiable series of electric guitars that could not be mistaken for anyone else's. As ornate and beautiful as these guitars are, they remain “player guitars” with a focus on versatility of tone, intimacy of sound and feel and consistent high quality.

Distortion Brothers is proud to be able to offer guitars from Teye’s TMF series. These new guitars for 2015 bring laser etched artwork, delicate articulate inlay, and the new MOJO tone control into the hands of players. These guitars are capable of rocking out intensely or producing sublime Blues or Country licks.