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Satellite Amps - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop

Adam Grimm knows way more about amplifiers than you do. A bold statement? Certainly. But it is one that is easily substantiated with the articles he's written for Gearphoria and the wide variety of original amps he's built.

Satellite Amps have unique sonic characters that don't require intricate tone stacks or complex gain stages to sound fantastic. These amps are original, genuine, and powerful. The functional simplicity of these amps hide the deep knowledge and skill that goes in to designing and building them to perform the way they do.

Adam is also not afraid to get weird. How many builders do you see designing 2.8 watt to 300 watt amps, building stereo amps, or collaborating with Paul Frank? You don't need to look further than the Satellite Amplifiers Fireplace Amp to know that Adam is fearless.

Satellite Amplifiers is now making a few outstanding stompboxes and Distortion Brothers is so stoked to be carrying them!

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