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Prisma Guitars

Prisma Guitars - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop

Prisma Guitars and the man behind it, Nick Pourfard, are the real deal. Just like the thrashed skateboards he transforms, Nick paid his dues to create something new, something rad. Yes, he's a skateboarder (gnar too), guitar player, and highly skilled woodworker.

There are so many parallels between skateboarding and making music: woodshedding / mastering a trick, playing outside / pushing it, and jubilation / stoke. It is by design that the skateboarder's spirit is infused in to Prisma Guitars. Beyond aesthetics and without limiting the tonal palette, these guitars shred.

Distortion Brothers digs their repurposed skateboard elements and the mojo they impart to these expertly crafted and sonically exceptional instruments. We also deeply appreciate the quality components used to complete these artful guitars.