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M-tone Guitars - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop
Matt Proctor in M-tone Guitars Workshop - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop


M-tone Guitars is a product of artisan carpentry, metal sculpting, music making, and Portland, Oregon. Beginning in 2009 Matt Proctor, with the help and encouragement of Saul Koll, fused his wood and metal working expertise with his passion for cool and unique guitars. Matt honed these skills at Koll Guitar Co. for a few years. Portland sets the bar incredibly high for handmade instruments and, even so, M-tone Guitars absolutely shines.

Matt Proctor envisions and handcrafts every structural and ornamental element of these fine instruments. M-tone Guitars are made in small quantities and the attention to detail is obvious. Creation and innovation never cease with Matt. There is nothing like M-tone Guitars and no two are the same.

Matt crystalized his four primary principles in a Vintage Guitar Magazine interview from July 2014:

  1. I make every guitar, from wood selection to final setup. That focused, personal attention really shows in the finished guitars.
  2. I use steel or aluminum in areas that would be plastic on most guitars. Plastic adds nothing to the performance of a guitar. A steel pickguard adds a lot to the tonality, sustain, and response of an M-tone.
  3. My designs are my own and I spend a lot of time getting every curve, contour, and detail just right.
  4. I make sure every M-tone is unique. Every guitar is hand-carved to suit the character of the wood. And each has a one-of-a-kind finish. And my finishes are pretty darn different from anything else out there!

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