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John Page Classic - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop


It is hard to overstate John Page's influence on the modern craftsmanship of bolt-on, solid-body guitars. As co-founder of the Fender Custom Shop, he was a vanguard of today's boutique electric guitar. Innovation, quality, and artistry were hallmarks of his era. During this period, he recruited and developed a long list of amazing guitar builders, including John Suhr and Gene Baker. 

In 2007, John Page began making his custom P-1 guitar in very small batches. These pieces of functional art are strikingly beautiful and advanced in design. From the first P-1, it was clear that John Page was taking custom guitar building to the next level.

This year, John Page has teamed up with Howard Swimmer to take the production guitar to the next level. With their extensive knowledge of manufacturing, they have produced a high quality guitar at a very affordable price. What makes this guitar stand out are John's advanced appointments that directly improve tone and playability, including a strong neck-to-body coupling, reverse bridge pickup angle, and purpose-built Bloodline by John Page JP-1 pickups.

We, at Distortion Brothers, are very excited to bring you John Page Classic guitars. We’ve never experienced a bolt-on neck, solid-body guitar that plays as well, sounds as great, and looks as nice at such an affordable price. We are also stoked that they come with a lifetime performance guarantee to protect our customers. If you are seeking that triple single-coil pickup sound, we confidently recommend you check these guitars out.

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