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Teye Guitars Cleopatra

  • Unique and stunningly beautiful, right? Keep in mind that the pictures can only approximate the beauty and detail these works of art offer in person. We, at Distortion Brothers, were stunned by Teye's guitars when we first opened the cases. Being in the same room with these guitars takes it to a whole other realm.

    Although these guitars are certainly beautiful to the eye, it rightly doesn't stop there. These guitars are inspirational tonal color generators. The sound combines with the feel of the instrument in your hands creating a resonance you feel in the sound. The colors these guitars are capable of will lead you on many a wide variety of musical journeys.

    It would be incorrect to think of these guitars as ornate Les Paul type instruments. They are something entirely different. The etched metal top, the wood, pickups, the feel of the wood grain of the neck in your hand; it all joins together to create a guitar that produces highly individual musical tones that are at the same time strangely familiar.

    It doesn't seem to us that it is just the 5 position pickup selector, the MOJO circuit (both of which offer up a wide range of color) or the incredible pickups but rather something that is happening acoustically that is transferring to the electric domain. Something about the woods the metal top and the custom patented bridge all coming together to create the sound and vibrations you not only hear but also feel. As Teye himself put it, "I concentrate on the resonance of the guitar, by means of the combination and balance between woods, body and neck design, hardware material and construction, and finish. This is why I make my own hardware and have devised my own way of finishing."

    It kicks ass and rocks, can twang like you wouldn't believe humbuckers could, mellows into sweet darker areas, damn, we are at a loss for words for where you can go with this guitar. You've got to check these out!

    Unique Teye Features:

    1. MOJO circuit
    2. Aluminum plates: Acid etched, Teye’s A-series styled artwork
    3. 5 position pickup selection switch
    4. Proprietary Teye SuperSustain-tailpiece
    5. Stunning mahogany back and sides
    6. Nut width: 1.75”
    7. Proprietary Teye knobs and switch tip

    Teye Cleopatra - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop
    Finish Teye’s hand-rubbed Luthier’s Oil with Shipwreck
    Body Select Mahogany
    Neck Select Mahogany
    Neck Shape Wide
    Fretboard Bound Ebony with Teye Inlay
    Frets 24
    Scale Length 25.5"
    Neck-to-Body Attachment Set Neck
    Pickups 2 - Custom-wound Jason Lollar
    Controls 2 - Volume, Master Tone, & Master MOJO
    Bridge Proprietary Teye SuperSustain
    Tuners Grover Super Rotomatic Imperials
    Case SKB Deluxe Gig Bag

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