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Echopark Guitars

Echopark Guitars - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop

Echopark Guitars is Gabriel Currie’s signature statement. It is the culmination of his education from inventors like Leo Fender and innovators like Mike Lipe and Tak Hosono, gigging around Los Angeles, and decades of repair work and crafting guitars. Echopark Guitars look like no other, play like a dream, and the tones they produce stand out from the crowd.

Gabriel Currie’s design aesthetic is reminiscent of the architecture and décor of East Los Angeles at its zenith. There is a common thread in the curves, colors, and embellishments of the Echopark guitars, amplifiers, and effects. While their look is classic, it is not identical to any guitar made today or in the past.

Echopark Guitars are used in the studio and on the stage night after night by the likes of Jackson Browne, Aerosmith, Social Distortion, Queens of the Stone Age, and Blackberry Smoke. It is by design that these are guitars built to deliver on professional demands. Each of these guitars can and do play anything they want but repeatedly reach for an Echopark to make their statement.

Distortion Brothers has enjoyed a long relationship with Echopark Guitars. We are stoked beyond measure to be a part of Echopark’s next evolution, a migration east to Detroit Rock City. By melding together the best of these iconic cities, Gabriel Currie has big plans for Echopark Guitars and so does Distortion Brothers.