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Catalinbread - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop

Catalinbread considers their effect pedals to be mechanisms of music. Furthermore, their raison d'être is to make an impact on the world by manifesting truly remarkable musical devices. These are lofty goals, to be sure, but we believe they are totally based in reality.

I (John) was originally drawn towards Catalinbread’s echo pedals, the Echorec and Belle Epoch. They both exceeded expectations and each earned a “keeper” spot in my signal chain. Since then, I have experienced the gamut of their mechanisms of music and found them to be remarkable.

We, at Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop, really dig Catalinbread’s breadth of effect designs. Their designs include complete tone stacks like the Sabbra Cadabra, recreations of classic effects like the Echorec, as well as hybrid inventions like the Katzenkönig.

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