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John Page Classic Bloodline JP-1

“It’s time to start feeling your guitars as well as hearing them. Welcome to the Bloodline® family. I’m proud to be the patriarch!” - John Page

Bloodline JP-1 pickups bring the sonic perspective and character of John Page, among the world’s greatest living custom luthiers, to your guitar. They have a classic early 60’s S-style tone - stringy with great clarity, full and meaty but not overly hot.

  • Alnico #5
  • Flat Pole Design
  • #42 Gauge Wire
  • Polyurethane Insulation

 8,500 Turns
 6.38 K Resistance

 Reverse Wound
 8,500 Turns
 6.38 K Resistance

 9,700 Turns
 7.38 K Resistance

This set of three singlecoil pickups come with black covers.