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BC Audio

BC Audio - Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop

Bruce Clement designs and builds his BC Audio amplifiers to solve problems guitars have long had when seeking vintage or hot-rodded British tones. Bruce is a gigging guitarist, which has served to influence and test a lot of his amp's performance features like distinct, variable, foot-switchable volume and gain boosts, tube-buffered effects loop, depth control, and post-phase inverter master volume.

Using the term "British tone", begins to describe what these amps sound like. However, these are not Marshall, Hiwatt, Laney, or other clones. If you need proof, you need not look any further than Bruce's use of 6SL7 preamp tubes in place of the common 12AX7. The result is a three-dimensional clean, creamy crunch, and bold overdrive tones.

BC Audio amplifiers are constructed with pure point-to-point wiring (some of the cleanest we've seen) and top-shelf components, including American-made paper bobbin/paper layer wound transformers. Attention to detail and exacting quality standards are the hallmark of BC Audio amplifiers.