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Gene Baker is one of the most admired and respected guitar builders today. His Detroit sense of humor, sunny California disposition, and insane guitar playing make him a dear friend to many. But it's the innovation and craftsmanship he exhibited at the Gibson Custom Shop and Fender Custom Shop that earned him Master Builder recognition from the top echelon of guitar builders and players.

With Baker Guitars, Fine Tuned Instruments, and b3 Guitars, Gene Baker has charted his own course and created his signature statements. He has also earned the reputation of being able to develop methods, incorporate advanced tooling, and lead teams to consistently produce quality instruments from his designs and others. It was his production expertise that made the lofty goals of the Premier Builders Guild possible.

Well... Mean Gene is back and on his own terms with b3 Guitars! He has moved his workshop from California to the brand new, state of the art, Roscoe Guitars workshop in North Carolina. For those of us that have been playing his guitars for years, it is amazing to have the SL, Phoenix, and Ring Master models back!

These new b3 Guitars are hand built by Gene and his team with the highest quality materials. They are exactly as Gene intended them to be. The SL, Phoenix, and Ring Master are each unique sonic tools but they all inspire with every detail.

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